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Jason McMaster-vocals/Bruce Rivers-drums/Jared Tuten-guitar
Dave Beeson-guitar/Robb Lampman-bass

Twenty years after seizing power in Austin, Texas, rock-roll battering squad BROKEN TEETH is poised to throw its hardest punch ever after signing with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and former Corporate Punishment President Thom Hazaert at their powerhouse EMP Label Group. The label will issue BROKEN TEETH’S new album 4 on the Floor in April 2017.

“Thom and I both have a lot of history with Jason (McMaster), and we are both huge fans of Dangerous Toys and Watchtower.  He is one of the greatest and most versatile Hard Rock vocalists around, and that is definitely showcased in Broken Teeth. We are extremely proud to welcome them to the EMP Family, and release their killer new album.”

“Obviously, we have the utmost respect for Dave as both a musician and promoter of hard rock music,” said BROKEN TEETH vocalist Jason McMaster. “I have some history with Dave and Thom, and couldn’t be happier to join forces with them as we prepare to unleash the latest chapter of BROKEN TEETH music.”

Once described as “a pissed-off AC/DC,” BROKEN TEETH has evolved into a hard-rock/heavy metal bomb blast built on the swaggering boogie of bad-boy blues. Not surprisingly, 4 on the Floor continues the band’s gritty legacy with odes to the rebellious, forbidden love of rock-n-roll (the slow-stomping “Sinful”); standing proud as a loner ( the riotous burner, “House of Damnation”); life on the rock-n-roll highway to hell (the bluesy shuffle of “Borrowed Time”); and the ultimate salute to legendary Motorhead main man, Lemmy Kilmister (the appropriately rollicking “Never Dead,” which was written before Lemmy’s passing).

“We don’t really do tributes, but Lemmy and the kind of rock-n-roll he did is what we’re all about,” said BROKEN TEETH guitarist Jared Tuten. “It just felt right for BROKEN TEETH to immortalize him forever.”

Visit BROKEN TEETH at (www.brokenteeth.com)


Broken Teeth formed in 1999 when guitarist Paul Lidel (Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys) and drummer Bruce Rivers hooked up with Texas Music Hall of Famer and rock icon singer Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys, Watchtower, Ignitor, Evil United) and set out to write a “big-sounding, bare-bones, rock-n-roll record.”

The band would go on to add another Texas Music Hall of Famer, former Pariah (Geffen) guitarist Jared Tuten, and bassist Mike Watson (Dangerous Toys). As Broken Teeth started playing shows, the band’s self-titled Perris Records debut album became a hit for the label and a bona fide Texas rock-n-roll powerhouse was born. Over the next two decades, Broken Teeth would buck the trends with their brand of ass-kicking rock-n-roll and go on to release a half-dozen more records while touring the U.S. and rocking the high seas as a returning guest on Shiprocked.

2002 saw the release of Guilty Pleasure on Perris/Killingbird records, followed up by 2004’s full length live release, Blood on the Radio. In 2006, Paul Lidel exited and was replaced by David Beeson. Bassist Brett McCormick would later replace Watson in time for Broken Teeth’s next two releases, 2008’s Electric, and 2010’s Viva la Rock Fantastico. McCormick was later replaced by Travis Weiss who was featured on 2012’s Devil on the Road, before tragically passing later that year.

In 2015, Broken Teeth recorded Bulldozer, a vinyl-only collection of new material on Texas Metal Underground Records, featuring current bassist Robb Lampman.

In 2017, Broken Teeth joined forces with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and former Corporate Punishment President Thom Hazaert at their powerhouse EMP LABEL GROUP. The label is due to release Broken Teeth’s 4 on the Floor in April 2017.


  • Viva la Rock Fantastico featured Canadian rock-n-roll bad ass, Danko Jones, as a guest vocalist on two tracks.
  • Broken Teeth was twice named Best Metal Band at the Austin Music Awards during the SXSW music conference.
  • Jared Tuten, Jason McMaster and Bruce Rivers have been the core of Broken Teeth since the band’s inception in 1999.
  • Jared Tuten won a Grammy for his engineer work on Jimmie Vaughan’s Do You Get the Blues? album, which won Best Traditional Blues Album in 2002.
  • David Beeson has toured as guest guitarist for friends, Rhino Bucket.
  • Bassist Robb Lampman played guitar for 90’s metal outfit, Skrew (Metal Blade Records)