Broken Teeth “Bulldozer” Review – Metal Nexus

Broken Teeth are back with a hyper-adrenalized new EP, Bulldozer, and it is a raucous rough and tumble release that is a relentless ass kicker from start to finish. If you are unfamiliar with Broken Teeth then suffice to say you are missing out on one hell of a rock and roll twister out of the great State of … Continue reading Broken Teeth “Bulldozer” Review – Metal Nexus

Latest Review on Bulldozer album

BROKEN TEETH sévit depuis 1999 dans la scène rock n roll américaine. Originaire de la ville d’Austin, le groupe revient cette année avec « Bulldozer », son cinquième album studio mais un peu court avec seulement sept morceaux pour environ 24 minutes. A titre d’information, ses prédécesseurs se nomment « Viva La Rock Fantastico » … Continue reading Latest Review on Bulldozer album

New CD Release

September 16, 2015, For immediate release: BROKEN TEETH, the Austin, Texas street fighting band led by iconic vocalist Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys / Evil United / Ignitor / Watchtower) announces the release of their upcoming new cd and vinyl album titled “Bulldozer” which will hit the streets on October 23, 2015 via Texas Metal Underground … Continue reading New CD Release