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If idle hands do the devil’s work, then Broken Teeth needs a raise.

Toiling in isolation since the global pandemic pulled the plug on rock concerts, Broken Teeth is bringing the gig to the fans with a brand-new live album/DVD titled “Evil in the Queue.” Recorded and filmed December 2019 at the state-of-the-art 3Ten ACL Live venue in Broken Teeth’s hometown of Austin, Texas, the 10-track “Evil in the Queue” revisits an explosive night of ear-splitting volume and eye-spinning visuals.

“We went into this gig with every intention of capturing it, because the venue offers top-shelf production and our hometown crowds are always electric,” says vocalist Jason McMaster. “We also shared the stage with our pals, Junkyard, so we knew the energy in the room would be over the top.”

Originally intended as a longer-term project with a future release date, “Evil in the Queue” became an obvious priority in the age of Covid-19.

“The initial idea was to keep the recordings in our back pocket and save them for a rainy day, but that rainy day suddenly hit us in the face,” McMaster said. “As a band, we’re bummed that we can’t work during this pandemic and we know our fans are missing the excitement and interaction of a live rock show, so we decided now was the time to reconnect with everyone in the name and spirit of rock-n-roll.”

Featuring such long-standing, fan-favorites as “Undertaker,” “El Diablo” and “Electric” (whose lyrics provided the title for “Evil in the Queue”), the CD also includes more recent tracks like “4 on the Floor,” “Sinful” and “House of Damnation” to fully span all the horns-up highlights of Broken Teeth’s 21-year career.

The accompanying DVD adds the flame-throwing ferocity of Broken Teeth in action. Professionally filmed from multiple cameras throughout the intimate venue, the headbanging performance footage leaps from the screen in a dizzying blast of multi-colored, feel-the-sweat euphoria. If you weren’t there, you are now!

“It was a memorable night that we’re proud to relive with our friends and fans,” McMaster says. “Since then, we’ve been writing new songs and looking forward to the next Broken Teeth album, but in the meantime we all need to stay safe and do everything we can to beat this virus so we can reunite sooner than later in our beloved church of rock-n-roll.”

Amen to that!

“Evil in the Queue” is available exclusively at

“Evil in the Queue” track listing:
“House of Damnation”
“Raining Fire”
“4 on the Floor”
“Roll Over”
“El Diablo”

Broken Teeth Announces New Vinyl Single As Band Enters Studio

By Metal Dave
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Nearing 15 years as the reigning kings of Texas-forged devil music, hard rockers Broken Teeth have announced the release of a new, seven-inch collectible vinyl single. Featuring two of the band’s newest tracks, “Devil on the Road” and “Flamethrower,” the single arrives via TMU Records and is available here.

“Devil on the Road,” which was previously released only as a digitial download and as the bonus title track to a greatest hits compilation CD, features the last recorded Broken Teeth fretwork of late bassist Travis Weiss. The vinyl pairing also marks the first time “Flamethrower” (featuring former Skrew bassist Robb Lampman) is released in a format other than exclusive digital download or video. Together, the two tracks on seven-inch vinyl format. along with exclusive new artwork, make for a must-have Broken Teeth souvenir.

“We’re proud to make this single available as a tribute to Travis and also as a keepsake for our fans,” says lead vocalist Jason McMaster. “We’ve been underground for the past few months, but all that ever means is that we’re conspiring to make new music. We’ve been in the studio and we’re gonna hit hard in 2014 with live dates and a new album full of fierce, new songs that live up to the Broken Teeth tradition.”

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Review: Broken Teeth ‘4 On The Floor’

By Metal Dave

Back with more bite than a deep swill of rotgut, Broken Teeth is still breathing fire on new album, “4 on the Floor” (EMP Label Group).

Full-throttle from the get-go, the infectious title track rides waves of stinging guitars courtesy of Jared Tuten and David Beeson while shrieker Jason McMaster extols the damning pleasures of rock-n-roll. Like a pair of muggers, drummer Bruce Rivers and bassist Robb Lampman ensure the beating stays steady.

“Sinful” slows things to a bluesy simmer while continuing to give the devil his due, and “Getcha Some” upshifts into a full-tilt, ballistic stomper recalling younger daze of being “face-down and wasted.”

On an album driven by bangers, the icy swing of “Borrowed Time” arguably wins as the showpiece. It’s hard to pinpoint, but something about its spine-chilling, creepy-crawl burrows into the black-hearted isolation shared by the loners in AC/DC’s “Night Prowler” and “Ride On.” Spooky, yet irresistible.

Picking up speed, “Never Dead” pushes “all the gauges in the red” and serves as the ultimate ode to Motorhead’s Lemmy (written before he passed). A closing cover of KISS’ “Rock Bottom” punches with street-fighting fury.

In all, “4 on the Floor” offers 10 tracks of Angus-n-spuds rock-n-roll that dances evil (“House of Damnation”); steals the show (“All or Nothin’”); calls out the fakers (“All Day Sucker”); and wrestles with demons (“Let the War Machine Roll”).

As always, Broken Teeth has no aspirations of being artsy or refined, preferring instead to keep “4 on the Floor” firing hard on all cylinders. Besides, who has time for manners when you’re this busy knocking heads?

Rating: “This One Goes to 11”



BROKEN TEETH – Bulldozer (2015, TMU Records)

Broken Teeth (Jason McMaster – Vocals, Jared Tuten and David Beeson – Guitars, Robb Lampman – bass, Bruce Rivers – Drums) has been a pillar in the Texas scene for more than 16 years. They’ve often been referred to as a “band that sounds like AC/DC”, and the influence is certainly notable, but I believe this new EP serves as a strong reminder that there is much more to the band than that. These veterans just know how to bring their combined influences into the framework of their Southern Hard Rock sound.

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Broken Teeth “Bulldozer” Review – Metal Nexus

Broken Teeth are back with a hyper-adrenalized new EP, Bulldozer, and it is a raucous rough and tumble release that is a relentless ass kicker from start to finish. If you are unfamiliar with Broken Teeth then suffice to say you are missing out on one hell of a rock and roll twister out of the great State of Texas and it’s one of many bands that can claim The Minister (Pastor McMaster from The Church Of Disaster) in its ranks.
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Strike The Magazine Article

Der Albumtitel macht der Mini LP alle Ehre. Energischer haben die Texaner um Jason McMaster (ex-WATCHTOWER, ex-DANGEROUS TOYS) bisher nicht abgerockt. Sieben Songs: drei brandneue, zwei neu eingespielte Arschtreter und zwei Coverversionen runden die Scheibe ab. Das Album gibt es als CD und in Vinyl. Von letzterem gibt es einige Farbvarianten, weshalb Sammler hier genauer hinschauen sollten, sofern sie immer nach der rarsten Version Ausschau halten.

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Latest Review on Bulldozer album

BROKEN TEETH sévit depuis 1999 dans la scène rock n roll américaine. Originaire de la ville d’Austin, le groupe revient cette année avec « Bulldozer », son cinquième album studio mais un peu court avec seulement sept morceaux pour environ 24 minutes. A titre d’information, ses prédécesseurs se nomment « Viva La Rock Fantastico » paru en 2010, « Electric » remontant à 2007, « Guilty Pleasure » datant de 2002 et « Broken Teeth » sorti en 1999. Par ailleurs, il convient d’ajouter le live de 2004 intitulé « Live Blood On The Radio ». Pour en revenir à « Bulldozer », entre l’énergique « Raining Fire », le classique « Devil On The Road » et en passant par « Red River Rising » teinté d’un heavy metal rappelant les années 80, le quintet s’avère toujours rigoureux. Avec « The Rough And The Tumble », il est question d’un heavy rock n roll. (continued)

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