Broken Teeth Announces New Vinyl Single As Band Enters Studio

By Metal Dave
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Nearing 15 years as the reigning kings of Texas-forged devil music, hard rockers Broken Teeth have announced the release of a new, seven-inch collectible vinyl single. Featuring two of the band’s newest tracks, “Devil on the Road” and “Flamethrower,” the single arrives via TMU Records and is available here.

“Devil on the Road,” which was previously released only as a digitial download and as the bonus title track to a greatest hits compilation CD, features the last recorded Broken Teeth fretwork of late bassist Travis Weiss. The vinyl pairing also marks the first time “Flamethrower” (featuring former Skrew bassist Robb Lampman) is released in a format other than exclusive digital download or video. Together, the two tracks on seven-inch vinyl format. along with exclusive new artwork, make for a must-have Broken Teeth souvenir.

“We’re proud to make this single available as a tribute to Travis and also as a keepsake for our fans,” says lead vocalist Jason McMaster. “We’ve been underground for the past few months, but all that ever means is that we’re conspiring to make new music. We’ve been in the studio and we’re gonna hit hard in 2014 with live dates and a new album full of fierce, new songs that live up to the Broken Teeth tradition.”

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