Broken Teeth - Self Titled Album

Label:  Perris Records

Year: 1999

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  1. She's Gonna Blow
  2. Undertaker
  3. Two Time Lover
  4. Trippin' Over A Bone
  5. Stick It In
  6. El' Diablo
  7. Some Kinda' Loser
  8. Hooray
  9. Pull The Plug
10. Who Turned Out The Lights

Band Members
Jason McMaster:  Singer
Paul Lidel: Guitar
Joe E. Young: Guitar
Will Yung: Bass
Bruce Rivers: Drums
Produced by:  Broken Teeth & Daren Fleming
Backing Vocals:  Tom Mathers, Daren Fleming & Broken Teeth
'Nurse' art by Kevin Stevens
Other Cover art"  Jason McMaster
Written & Recorded in two weeks - May '99