Guilty Pleasure


Label:  Killingbird Records


Year:  2002


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  1. Guilty Pleasure
  2. Devil Money
  3. Hangin' By The Skin
  4. Crashlanding Affair
  5. Down To The Fire
  6. Second Hand
  7. High On Danger
  8. Shangri-La
  9. She Dances Evil
10. Chaingang
11. Happy End

Band Members
Jason McMaster:  Singer
Paul Lidel: Guitar
Jared Tuten: Guitar
Mike Watson: Bass
Bruce Rivers: Drums
Produced by : Jared Tuten & Broken Teeth
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Jared Tuten
Assisting & Additional Engineering by : Todd Dillon
Additional Assisting by : Laurie Galbraith
All Solos by : Paul Lidel
Additional Guitar Fills by : Jason McMaster
Percussion by : Jason McMaster & Jared Tuten
Backup Vocals by : Dave Glessner, Houston Ritcheson, Ed Clarke, Dave Beeson, Brett McCormick & Broken Teeth
Guitar Tech : Tommy Mack
Live Sound : Daren Fleming
All songs written & recorded in two weeks by Broken Teeth
Graphic Art by Jeff Williams & TEAM DIABLO
Guilty Pleasure Tattoo Art : Bart Willis
Broken Teeth Photography : Laurie Galbraith