Blood On The Radio (Live) - CD


Label:  Paris Records & Killingbird Records


Year: 2004


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  1. She's Gonna Blow
  2. Pull The Plug
  3. Stick It In
  4. Chaingang
  5. Devil Money
  6. Hangin' By The Skin
  7. Down To The Fire
  8. High On Danger
  9. Shangrila
10. She Dances Evil
11. Bonfire (unreleased track)
12. Undertaker
13. Crashlanding Affair
14. Guilty Pleasure
15. El Diablo

Band Members
Jason McMaster:  Singer
Paul Lidel: Guitar
Jared Tuten: Guitar
Brett McCormick: Bass
Bruce Rivers: Drums
Recorded Live in 2004, "Blood On The Radio" features 15 tracks, spanning both studio albums "Broken Teeth" and "Guilty Pleasure". "Blood On The Radio" also features a brand new track, entitled "Bonfire".