Austin-based Broken Teeth are on a mission to bring a high-voltage dose of heavy, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll to all the people of the world. The band – Jason McMaster (vocals), Jared Tuten and David Beeson(guitars), Bruce Rivers (drums), andRobb Lampman (bass) – have been a global powerhouse over the course of 5 albums, and are currently recording new material. Two singles have recently been released to tide over the bangers and freaks: ‘Devil On The Road’ and ‘Flamethrower’.

Broken Teeth has been described as being “like AC/DC, but pissed!” by Ginger, legendary frontman of The Wildhearts, and as “a force to be reckoned with!” by Streetwalkin’Cheetahs frontman Frank Meyer. Rock ‘n’ roll journeyman Danko Jonesoffers the best and most accurate description of the band though: “Broken Teeth will knee you in the groin and punch you in the face with ROCK. You will groan, grab your crotch, thank them, and ASK FOR MORE.”

The band was born in 1999, when Perris Records owner Tom Mathers asked Paul Lidel and Bruce Riversof Dirty Looks if they’d be up for recording a big rock record under a new name for his label. Dangerous Toys frontman Jason McMaster caught wind of the project, gave it a name, and joined Lidel in writing what would become Broken Teeth’s self-titled debut.

When the time came to play live, they brought in Pariah guitarist Jared Tuten and Dangerous Toys bassist Mike Watson. As McMaster remembers, these early off-the-cuff gigs were “a lot of fun… but we had no idea we would get a worldwide thing happening” – but that’s exactly what happened next. By 2002, Broken Teethwas buzzing and ready to record again. They hit the studio again, with Tuten handling production duties. The resulting album, Guilty Pleasure, remains a fan favorite to this day and includes live staples such as ‘Chaingang’,‘Devil Money’, and ‘Crash Landing Affair’.

Brett McCormick replaced Watson on bass shortly after the release of ‘Guilty Pleasure’, and Broken Teethcontinued to play as many live shows as possible. The band realized that this thing of theirs, which had begun as a studio project, had grown into a beast that was most at-home onstage, so they recorded some shows and unleashed the blistering live album Blood On The Radio in 2004. The recordings captured an impossibly high amount of Broken Teeth’s live energy, and also introduced the world to another fan favorite, ‘Bonfire’, which had not appeared on any previous release.

Between 2005 and 2007, the band toured extensively and worked on material for their next album, Electric, which McMaster says is “the record that made me say ‘that’s Broken Teeth right there’.” Comprised of both brand-new material and re-recorded favorites, Electric seemed to lock in “the” Broken Teeth sound better than any of its predecessors. It was during this time, too, that Lidel had to exit the band due to the band’s grueling tour schedule, allowing for the entrance of David Beeson, who remains a key fixture in the lineup.

The Broken Teeth touring machine continued to roar throughout the rest of decade, which culminated with the 2010 release of Viva La Rock Fantastico. Featuring instant live classics like ‘Exploder’ and ‘All Hail The Altar’ – as well as two dynamic tracks featuring guest vocals by Canadian rock monster Danko Jones – the album seemed to inject even more energy into the already-on-overdrive band than they’d ever had before.

The next couple of years offered some setbacks, including the departure of longtime bassist Brett McCormick in early 2010 and the untimely death of his replacement, Travis Weiss, just three years after he joined the band. Weiss, who was also a founding and ongoing member of Austin punk band Duke, can be heard on the recently-released single ‘Devil On The Road’, which serves as a fitting tribute to his legacy.

As 2013 began, a revitalized Broken Teeth – now with former Skrewguitarist Robb Lampman adeptly converted to playing bass and committed to being a full-time member, along with McMaster, Rivers, Tuten, and Beeson – is ready to set the world fire with new material and an extensive touring schedule. “Broken Teeth is rock ‘n’ roll,” says McMaster. “No ballads. No crying. This music is not good for someone who is worried about their blood pressure.”


Once again, Diablo Rockers Broken Teeth are playing with fire on the release of their hell-stomping new album, “Viva la Rock, Fantastico!”


Featuring 13 all-new tracks and cameo vocals by Canadian compadre, Danko Jones, “Viva la Rock, Fantastico!” (Perris Records) was written on the road during Broken Teeth’s 2008-2009 “Blood on the Road Tour.” As expected, the fifth release from the hard-bitten Texas head-knockers is torn from the same hellraiser’s hymnal that gave us the likes of Motorhead, AC/DC, Rhino Bucket and other wheels-of-steel rockers.


“Some of these songs were written in the back of the bus, some were written in hotel rooms and others were written in the darker corners of life on the road,” said Broken Teeth vocalist Jason McMaster. “Inspiration is at its finest when it’s covered in grease, sweat and blood.”


“Viva la Rock, Fantastico!” is another evil sermon of devilish delights and rock-altar anthems. From the torch-fire, rat-a-tat blast of “Blackheart” and the frantic missile-scream of “Dressin’ Up in Flames” to the nervous shakedown of “Break the Spell,” and the aptly titled “Exploder,” “Viva la Rock, Fantastico!” finds Broken Teeth’s six-string pitchfork attack taking equal jabs at feverish fun (“Twister” and “Bullet”) and pleasurable pain (“Spitting Nails” and “Get Outta Here Alive”).


“This is the first Broken Teeth album written by the band’s current lineup,” McMaster said. “In a sense, it marks a new beginning while still maintaining our signature sound. We definitely get the fists in the air, but we also like to give the girls a little something to grind to. If it ain’t down-and-dirty, it ain’t rock-n-roll.”


Helping Broken Teeth fan the “Fantastico!” flames is blood-sweating Canadian rocker, Danko Jones. The rock-n-roll outlaw from the Great White North lends backup vocals to the album’s tequila-spiked title track as well as the shout-along stormer, “Big Spender.”


“I met a Broken Teeth fan from Scotland online and she sent me some CDs of upcoming new music,” McMaster explained. “One of the CDs was Danko Jones. I shit myself! I knew there was real rock-n-roll out there somewhere and I had finally found it. A few years later, Danko was coming through Austin with Turbonegro. I went to the show, introduced myself, gave Danko some CDs and stayed in touch. A few years later, he’s singing on my music.”


Broken Teeth formed in Austin, Texas, in 1999 when McMaster (Watchtower and Dangerous Toys) recruited former members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Pariah for a side project that allowed band members to have some fun indulging their dirty rock influences including AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Circus of Power and The Four Horsemen. More than a decade later, Broken Teeth has firmly established its own tattered and frayed identity with a discography that includes the self-titled debut, “Guilty Pleasure,” “Blood on the Radio” and “Electric.”


As new track “Back on the Road,” makes clear, “Viva la Rock, Fantastico!” will keep Broken Teeth spitting the gospel of rock-n-roll !

  - Dave Glessner


Hit the lights..turn on a wire
about the time to bring on the show
the invitations...never expire
the rig is up and it's about to blow!

- "Electric "


With the release of the skull-scorching new album, Electric, (Textone Records) Austin, Texas-based rockers Broken Teeth keep the watts burning and all the heads turning with another lightning-bolt blast of hard rock, high voltage.


A hotwired merger of AC/DC meets Danko Jones, Electric crackles with all the warhorse riffage of Motorhead and Rose Tattoo fused to the underground, lights-out sounds of such circuit-breaking head knockers as Rhino Bucket, Airbourne and Hellacopters. Call it crude and classic, but don’t dare call it dated.


“It’s a cross between Screaming for Vengeance turning into Highway to Hell,” says singer Jason McMaster. “It’s timeless, screamin’ demon, barroom rock-n-roll for the denim-and-leather diehards who know that classic riffs don’t die, they just pick up steam and spit more venom every time they attack.”


Amped with 12 jolts of Broken Teeth, Electric was self-produced by guitarist Jared Tuten. Without losing a single bead of onstage sweat and snarl, Electric finds Broken Teeth finally capturing such live fan favorites as “Bonfire,” “Hell For Sale,” “Roll Over” and “Burns Like Love,” along with the chanting title track and the motormouth, airwave raid of “Blood on the Radio.”


“Broken Teeth destroys, pummels, demolishes, obliterates, slaughters and snuffs out all rock in its way,” raves Canadian torchbearer Danko Jones. “Fuckin’ Hell!”


Described as “AC/DC, but pissed!” by Wildhearts frontman Ginger and called a “force to be reckoned with” by Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs frontman, Frank Meyer, Broken Teeth brings added firepower to Electric by turbocharging familiar versions of such jagged gems as “Undertaker,” “Devil Money,” “She’s Gonna Blow” and “Hangin’ by the Skin.”


“These songs have been tightened to the breaking point after 150 shows a year on the road,” says McMaster, noting that Electric also features the sick and twisted, sly “love” song “Stick it In” and the chaotic screaming scat of “El Diablo.” “They’re road-tested, fan favorites and we want them be heard by the widest possible audience.”


Plug it in hard, flick the switch and get ready to ride the lightning, because in the fiery hands of Broken Teeth, rock-n-roll just got a hell of a lot more Electric