Jason McMaster - Vocals


Jared Tuten - Guitars


David Beeson - Guitars


Brett McCormick - Bass


Bruce Rivers - Drums


Hit the lights..turn on a wire
about the time to bring on the show
the invitations...never expire
the rig is up and it's about to blow!

- "Electric "


With the release of the skull-scorching new album, Electric, (Textone Records) Austin, Texas-based rockers Broken Teeth keep the watts burning and all the heads turning with another lightning-bolt blast of hard rock, high voltage.


A hotwired merger of AC/DC meets Danko Jones, Electric crackles with all the warhorse riffage of Motorhead and Rose Tattoo fused to the underground, lights-out sounds of such circuit-breaking head knockers as Rhino Bucket, Airbourne and Hellacopters. Call it crude and classic, but don’t dare call it dated.


“It’s a cross between Screaming for Vengeance turning into Highway to Hell,” says singer Jason McMaster. “It’s timeless, screamin’ demon, barroom rock-n-roll for the denim-and-leather diehards who know that classic riffs don’t die, they just pick up steam and spit more venom every time they attack.”


Amped with 12 jolts of Broken Teeth, Electric was self-produced by guitarist Jared Tuten. Without losing a single bead of onstage sweat and snarl, Electric finds Broken Teeth finally capturing such live fan favorites as “Bonfire,” “Hell For Sale,” “Roll Over” and “Burns Like Love,” along with the chanting title track and the motormouth, airwave raid of “Blood on the Radio.”


“Broken Teeth destroys, pummels, demolishes, obliterates, slaughters and snuffs out all rock in its way,” raves Canadian torchbearer Danko Jones. “Fuckin’ Hell!”


Described as “AC/DC, but pissed!” by Wildhearts frontman Ginger and called a “force to be reckoned with” by Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs frontman, Frank Meyer, Broken Teeth brings added firepower to Electric by turbocharging familiar versions of such jagged gems as “Undertaker,” “Devil Money,” “She’s Gonna Blow” and “Hangin’ by the Skin.”


“These songs have been tightened to the breaking point after 150 shows a year on the road,” says McMaster, noting that Electric also features the sick and twisted, sly “love” song “Stick it In” and the chaotic screaming scat of “El Diablo.” “They’re road-tested, fan favorites and we want them be heard by the widest possible audience.”


Plug it in hard, flick the switch and get ready to ride the lightning, because in the fiery hands of Broken Teeth, rock-n-roll just got a hell of a lot more Electric


Broken Teeth Bio

Stoked like a fire and ready to take a savage bite out of calendar year 2007, hard rock bruisers Broken Teeth are planning a vicious touring attack while finalizing another venomous record of snakebite rock-n-roll.


As the band wins "Best Metal Band"of 2005 in the Austin Chronicle Awards during SXSW Music Conference, they hit an increasingly prolific stride, Broken Teeth’s live set has been injected with new songs that lean into an upper pace reaching for more Judas Priest/Motorhead style power with tracks slated for the new release coming in 07 (tentatively titled "ELECTRIC") such as "Bonfire",“Blood on the Radio,” “Bullets & Booze,” “Roll Over” and “Electric.” As David Beeson and fellow guitarist Jared Tuten tackle the crackle of the hard-bitten Teeth -- fronted by screamer Jason McMaster and backed by bassist Brett McCormick and banging Bruce Rivers on drums -- continue to unleash brass-knuckle knockouts on your scene, and beyond.


By design, destination beyond is rushing forward at a dizzying, but welcome pace. The new year will find a hungry Broken Teeth chewing up the road throughout the Midwest, Both Coasts, South by Southwest and any other outlet bold enough to welcome the high-voltage power surge. Along the way, the band will continue to write, record and otherwise conspire to spit out a new album by early 2007.


Open wide and consider yourself warned. Broken Teeth has a hard-earned chip on its shoulder and in the coming years, it’s here to stay.


Broken Teeth Bio
2005 - 2006
If the band name alone doesn't make your jaw quiver, then Broken Teeth's bloody-knuckle, rawk 'n' roll will bust your chops with all the bottle-smashing bravado of barroom bad-asses like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. The band's latest release, "Guilty Pleasure," is boiling with boys-night-out, tattooed testosterone, but the naughty girls understand. Call it bump-and-grind music for bangers ... a delectably dangerous, heavy metal hangover.. a "Guilty Pleasure."

"It's the foot on the monitor, hand on the crotch, screaming demon rock-n-roll," McMaster says. Disturbing the peace in their hometown of Austin, Texas, Broken Teeth is comprised of former members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Pariah. The 11-tracks on "Guilty Pleasure" were produced by guitarist Jared Tuten and self-released on Broken Teeth's KillingBird Records.

"Guilty Pleasure" follows the band's 1999 self-titled debut (available on PERRIS RECORDS), and in true Broken Teeth fashion, the album's tracks run the guitar-rock gamut. There are headbanging ballcrushers ("Devil Money," "Crash Landing Affair," "She Dances Evil"), mid-tempo shout-alongs ("Down to the Fire," "High on Danger" and "Chaingang") and whiskey-drenched, bluesy laments ("Second Hand" and "Happy End"). Wrap it in flames, pitchforks and devil horns, and "Guilty Pleasure," is the kind of album that would bring a sly, snaggletooth smile to the face of Bon Scott. The same can be said for the band's debut album, which sold more than 4,000 copies worldwide and by and high-voltage live performances. KNAC.com called Broken Teeth a "scorchin' band" and "a mighty force to be reckoned with". For all their three-chord studio anthems, Broken Teeth does even more damage onstage. McMaster yelps and wails like an electrocuted cat dressed in well-worn leather and perhaps the world's last remaining Rhino Bucket T-shirt. Guitarist Paul Lidel is a blitzkrieg of blues-based leads, while his co-hort Jared Tuten anchors the rhythm with six strings and a scowl. The bruising, bottom-end boom is supplied by the grizzly bear beats of drummer Bruce Rivers and his partner in crime, bassist Brett McCormick.

It ain't pretty, but fans of old-school, sweaty swagger will more than appreciate the longhair legacy being upheld by Broken Teeth. A "Guilty Pleasure," indeed.